Episode 1

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Well, we traded one set of audio difficulties for another.  In episode 0, it was me and three Skype callers, who each recorded their side of the call.  I then mixed them all together.

This time, there were three people in my apartment, with Joe the only Skype caller.  Surprisingly, I got all the technical issues sorted out four minutes before we were scheduled to start, only to have all new technical issues crop up during the recording.

That, combined with previous commitments nearly every day of the week, and a roof leak directly above my electronics cabinet, has led to a larger delay than usual for this episode to be finished.  But now, here it is.

Our guests this week are Leif Chappelle (http://woodlandalien.com) and Dru Staltman, who has no web site, but is still awesome.

Now that I’ve gone out and bought a real microphone, future technical difficulties should be rare.

See you next week, hopefully!

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