4P Start

Welcome to the… let’s call it the “companion blog” for the 2 vs. 2 Podcast. Ordinarily, I think these things are known as “recap blogs”, or even just “blogs”. But I already have three blogs, one (video-game related) Twitter account and one other podcast, so this thing is going to be lean and finely honed.

Of course, ideally, a project like this shouldn’t need much exposition. Every week, two developers and two non-developer gamers will get together and talk about games. Easy, right? The answer is “yes”. But it’s also pretty damned entertaining and informative. At least, I think it is. You’ll have to download it (or stream it) to find out for yourself.

Any questions? Comments? Send some e-mail to podcast [at symbol] 2-vs-2.com. Subscribe to the podcast at iTunes, Podcast Alley, or… other places. And stay tuned for more episodes.

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